CEO of Reigning Records, promoter for Minneapolis Minnesota, Social Media and PR marketing manager, as well as an activist. Stephon René is an established rapper, singer, dancer, and choreographer. Best known for his motto "OK OK!" as well as the chant, "OK OK Stephon René."

What many people don't know is that "OK OK" became his way of stating "I am alive and I am OK." The word "OK" is used as a status for being alright, affirmation, as well as confirmation of understanding. Stephon's motto utilizes each of these variants. They're a reflection of what he wished to obtain when he first started his career. Since achieving such a goal, this motto acts as a constant reminder of what he wishes to spread and share with others.

  • The strength to be OK regardless if your life is.
  • The affirmation that your existence matters.
  • That Stephon, like others out there, do understand where you're coming from.

"Fight for what you believe in like you're fighting for that much needed breath of air. Every denial you face, be it from yourself or from others, is like a kick in the gut knocking the breath out of you. If you want to breathe, than LIVE! Live your life the way that makes you feel the most alive!... Just don't harm others in the process".

Stephon isn't afraid to dive into subjects that many artists tend to avoid. His music portrays a raw and artistic form of his experiences and or emotions. This allows his listeners to visualize each concept with a more vibrant and vivid picture.

OK OK! His Story

  • Origin Story
    (Battle Cry)

    Stephon René began his journey as a one man army, waging war against life itself.
    Invading the music industry with the intent to rule it, Stephon found himself hopelessly outmatched and outnumbered. Refusing to yield and bend the knee, he recruited a motley crew on 9 phenomenal individuals. Teaching them how to use their voice as a weapon for change, they will stop at nothing to overthrow the industry’s systemic oppression that opposes new artists. Reigning Records was born.

  • Preparation for Battle
    (A Trip into TrapStep: Bad trip)

    Knowing he must earn the right to wear the crown, our warrior mastered numerous skills that would play key roles in his success. This said, nothing could prepare him for what was to come.
    Leading the attack and successfully breaking through the front lines, Stephon reached his next great obstacle. Someone he never dreamt would oppose him, himself.

  • The Demons Arrival
    (Provoking the Broken)

    Stephon, like many of us, faces a consistent onslaught of internal demons on a day to day bases. Our inspiring protagonist is currently exhausted and injured due to battles such as: bad relationships, heart break, friend betrayal, self doubt, and obstacles the music industry throws at him.

  • The Bridge Between

    Following the same path as he, one can find positivity on the left side of the road and what is viewed to be “negativity” on the right. Attempting to overcome the trials and tribulations throughout his journey, you can hear Stephon being dragged one way or another. Due to such, he acts as a bridge between what we consider “Positive Music” and “corrupted Music.”

  • Epilogue
    Outcome Unknown

    With René’s mind becoming a war zone, we follow the aftermath of the battles in a musical format. Each song is a point to be traced to the next, mapping the journey of his life. Mr. OK OK has mastered lyricism, melodies, and the transitions of emotions throughout his music. You will feel the swords of opposition cut deep. Your ears will ring from the battle cry of his resolve. You will cheer as the trumpets of each victory echo in your ardent ears.

    If Stephon René can defeat his internal demons, the question remains, Will he become a righteous King, Or the next King of demons?

    To Be Continued: “I’m OK OK” coming soon


OK OK! Listen up

Be Mine Stephon René & Angel Angie

coming soon



  • I'm Leaving ft. Amanda Yang
  • Want You
  • Dead and Gone
  • Ride or Die
  • Breaking Bad
  • Catch these Hands
  • Detainee

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